Despite our not-so-serious name, we're serious about sustainability. We aim to make every decision based on 'planet first', whilst ensuring our products are of the highest quality.

The coffee

We do the hard work to make sure the coffee you're drinking is ethical and sustainable. Most of the coffee found in your local supermarket is commodity coffee, which is based on speed and quantity. Speciality coffee however, ensures actors across the whole supply chain get paid fairly, meaning that they can properly invest in more sustainable practices.

What to do with used coffee grounds?

Re-purpose your used coffee grounds as compost for your garden, or add a little to your house plants to give them some extra nutrients.

The coffee pouch

Coffee pouches are not simple products - they need layers of materials to keep the coffee sealed and fresh. Having different layers of materials makes them difficult to recycle. Our coffee bags have one layer of PE/PE (Polyethylene) and a protective layer of EVOH (Ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer) which is a barrier to oxygen.

What to  do with an empty coffee pouch?

Our coffee bags can be recycled (you'll see the recyclable #4 on the bag), however you'll need to check if your local curb-side recycling at home can do this, and if not you'll need to take it to a drop-off location, like a supermarket or other retail store, to be collected for recycling.

Whilst it is fully recyclable, we know it's not ideal - we're continuously researching to find a more convenient & sustainable option as fast as we can. 

The bag label

We print our labels on recycled paper. This can be put in the recycling bin with the rest of your paper/card. We currently use standard ink, but we're looking into using more sustainable ink, such as plant-based.

The postal bag

We use compostable bags made out of plant starch bio-resin, meaning the bag will break down in weeks.

What to do with it?

The postal bag is designed to compost in your home compost pile.

The coffee card

We use recycled card, which is why it has the slightly off-white colour. Pop this in your normal recycling bin with the rest of your paper/card.