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This one reminded us of those seashell chocolates Guylian do. A delicious Brazilian flavour profile, with a sweet, chocolatey taste and a smooth, nutty finish. With summer on our doorstep and some form of normality in sight, Walk Don't Run is a reminder to take five and enjoy a relaxed cuppa every once and a while. The exceptional farmers behind this beauty are the uncle and nephew duo, Márcio Custódio and Heitor Botelho; their story (featured below) is a special one.


200g of pure goodness (~15 cups)


Notes of

Chocolate | Nut | Molasses



Single Origin, Minas Gerais, Brazil


Variety (Type of beans)



Quality Score: 86

This is its overall score out of 100 - anything equal or above 80 is classed as speciality coffee (anything 84 or above is the top 2% coffee in the world!)


About the Farmers

Brothers Márcio Custódio and Izonel Junior worked as coffee pickers as children before dedicating themselves to their studies and becoming professors. In the city of Lavras, Brazil, they created their own Center of Technology School called CETEC to provide education for young people to help them to achieve a better quality of life.


After more than 10 years and having trained more than 5,000 students, the brothers decided to realize their childhood dreams and purchase a small farm in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. However, Izonel Junior sadly passed away shortly afterwards. In memory of his childhood and his brother, Marcio dedicated himself to running the coffee farm, producing naturally processed speciality coffees of the highest quality.


Izonel Junior's son, Heitor Botelho, joined his uncle at the farm and it was renamed Fazenda CETEC in honor of his father and the school that made his dream come true. 

Walk Don't Run