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A true moment in history: the first coffee roasted by us Mugs. This is the product of many hours spent in our garden shed, chipping away at one coffee until we nailed down a roast that we're proud to share.


Why Version 14? Out of all our attempts, batch no. 14 hit the spot for us. We've taken this from a raw green bean right the way through to something we think tastes pretty remarkable. It's a cuppa dominated by funky tropical notes of green mango and citrus, with a sweet and smooth caramel finish. A coffee that smacks.


The bean itself comes from the El Diamante region of Peru. Not only is this a stunning setting, but the thriving natural environment contributes to the richness and stability of soils in the area. As a result, coffees from this region are very distinct, often boasting fruity notes and a pronounded tang.


We roast this beauty once a week and sell it the week after. This gives the flavours a chance to develop but it does mean weekly stock is limited. Grab it while it lasts.


About the Farmers

Elvis Tineo Rafael is a second-generation coffee producer who owns land in the El Diamante area of Jaén in Peru. Elvis and his family work the land together, coordinating their picking, processing and drying. Over the last few years Elvis, has been investing in improving the quality of his coffee and experimenting with pre-fermentations amongst other methods.


200g of pure goodness (~15 cups)


Notes of

Caramel | Green Mango | Citrus 



Single Origin, El Diamente, Jean, Peru


Variety (Type of beans)




Yellow honey



1900 MASL (Meters Above Sea Level)


Quality Score: 86.75

This is its overall score out of 100 - anything equal or above 80 is classed as speciality coffee (anything 84 or above is the top 2% coffee in the world!)