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The bold and rich one. Grano Hermoso is dedicated to the produce of the Cedro Alto Collective; a 'handsome bean' grown by 20 smallhold farmers in Tolima, Colombia. For all the talk of direct, fair and ethical trade coffee, it remains very difficult for small farmers to sell direct to roasters. By grouping together as a collective, they're able to pool their resources and operate at similar levels of efficiency to the larger players in the coffee industry. This enables them to deal directly with roasters who prioritise quality and transparency, incentivising ethical working standards and environmental responsibility.


So what's the result of all this? A delicious speciality Colombian coffee that is produced by true craftspeople who share our passion for sustainability and fair-wage living. You can enjoy this tasty number knowing that you're fairly supporting people who dedicate their livelihoods to outstanding coffee. Better for you, the planet and the farmers' pocket.


200g of pure goodness (~15 cups)


Notes of

Chocolate | Orange | Caramel



Single Origin, Tolima, Colombia


Variety (Type of beans)

Caturra | Castillo | Colombia


Quality Score: 84.5

This is its overall score out of 100 - anything equal or above 80 is classed as speciality coffee (anything 84 or above is the top 2% coffee in the world!)


About the Farmers

Cedro Alto is a coffee farmers collective based in the Centre-West Andean region of Tolima, Colombia. Founded in 2013, the project champions the sustainable production of small-scale, artisanal coffee by working directly with farmers and their families. Today, there are approximately 75 farms involved, but our Grano Hermoso coffee is a microlot produced by just 20 members. Eco-friendly farming practices, as well as fair compensation and transparency, run at the core of Cedo Alto's mission.

Grano Hermoso